Disaster Data and Statistics

Global, regional and national reports on disaster statistics, country profiles and additional resources on collecting disaster loss data, developed through the use of international risk assessment tools and indexes.

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  • Disaster Risk Profile - Mozambique

    This document outlines disaster risks and impacts in Mozambique. The national risk profiles provide the estimated impact of disasters on population, building stock, transport networks, critical facilities, and agriculture at the national and sub-national levels.

  • INFORM Global Risk Index 2020

    The INFORM initiative began in 2012 as a convergence of interests of UN agencies, donors, NGOs and research institutions to establish a common evidence-base for global humanitarian risk analysis.

  • CRED Crunch 56 - Disasters in Africa: 20 Year Review (2000-2019)

    Newsletter from CRED (Issue no.56 November 2019).

  • Disaster Risk Profile - Botswana

    The Country Risk Profiles provide a comprehensive view of hazard, risk and uncertainties for floods and droughts in a changing climate, with projections for the period 2050-2100. The risk assessment considers a large number of possible scenarios, their likelihood, and associated impacts.