Policies, Plans and Strategies

Regional (SADC) and national policies, plans and official statements on disaster risk, climate adaptation and resilience. These documents reflect public action on facing risk through legislative, strategic, or institutional documents, setting forth leadership vision and identifying priorities on the subject of risk.

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    The objective of this manual is to improve "the implementation of cyclonic alert system in Madagascar, to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the different entities at all levels and at different phases of the cyclonic alert system mechanism, and to propose the characteristics of the

  • Strategy for Accelerating HIV Prevention

    The present Strategy establishes mechanisms to progressively but sustainably reduce the incidence (that is, the number of new infections) of HIV.

  • Timeline-Driven Information Flow SOP

    Describes Tsunami Event Response: When, What, Who, How, and To Whom.

  • Decree no. 2019-1958

    This decree sets the organization, the functioning and the attributions of the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management.