Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan

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Policies, Plans & Strategies

The national policy on climate change stems from the Vision of the Comorian authorities to place the country on a trajectory of sustainable growth and green development, resilient to the climate and low in carbon. It is also part of the Accelerated Growth Strategy for Sustainable Development (SCA2D).

The overall objective of this Policy is to face the challenges imposed by climate change, with a view to ensuring the sustainable development of the country. The strategy aims to facilitate the translation of the Vision and Objectives of the national policy. It targets state and non-state actors. At the center of the Strategy are eight areas of strategic action that aim to guide options for practical actions that will have concrete results and impact, in support of the Vision and the achievement of the overall objective and specific objectives of the national policy.

The action plan also constitutes an advocacy document and also includes an assessment of the funding needs for its implementation.

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