National Resilience Strategy (2018-2030) - Breaking the Cycle of Food Insecurity in Malawi

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Policies, Plans & Strategies

The National Resilience Strategy (NRS) introduces a new sense of common purpose to break the cycle of food insecurity in Malawi by bridging development and humanitarian interventions and prioritizing a continuum of more predictable livelihood support ‘packages’ that target vulnerable households.

Successive shocks affecting a larger number of highly vulnerable people calls for a pivotal shift in orientation, one that moves from responding to shocks after they happen, to preventing their occurrence from undermining people’s livelihoods and their ability to benefit from opportunities to improve their well-being.

The NRS emerged from dialogue initiated in 2016 between the Government of Malawi and its Development Partners (DPs) to explore more effective approaches to breaking the cycle of food insecurity in Malawi.

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