Welcome to the SADC Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Information Management System (IMS).

Institutional preparedness for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is an essential step towards articulating disaster management and responses, in alignment with the Sendai Framework for DRR.

The SADC DRR IMS aims to better contribute towards the implementation of DRR activities in the Southern Africa region, at regional and national levels, by allowing:

  • To gather, upload and link regional and national DRR information;
  • The interoperability of data and information flow in the SADC Region;
  • Roll out the Regional DRR information management systems to SADC Member States and stakeholders

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It may be drought conditions prevailing in much of Southern Africa, but rainy season will soon be upon us. SADC launched the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2011 in response to heavy floods which hammered the region and its already saved hundreds of lives. Here's our animation outlining the success of the Platform.

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