National Multi-hazard Contingency Plan 2019-2020

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Policies, Plans & Strategies

The updated National Multi Hazard Contingency Plan (MHCP) is fundamental for better preparedness at all levels, anticipating potential hazards, response readiness with provision for emergency assistance therefore, minimizes the impact, saves lives and ease sufferings of the affected population. In consultation and with full engagement of relevant stakeholders in the planning process, all components of the MHCP have been thoroughly examined and analyzed which enriched the preparation of sector response plans and estimate cost of interventions.

The sector plans are structured with priority activities in three stages of the emergency, namely “Preparedness”, "Humanitarian Response” and “Recovery”. An effective humanitarian response in emergencies and early recovery from the disaster would be heavily reliant on preparedness; therefore, the emphasis was given to each of the nine thematic sectors preparedness actions throughout the MHCP.

The costed MHCP and identified gaps will be instrumental for the Government and partners to allocate resources from internal sources as well as for the advocacy to mobilize resources from external sources.

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